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"Of the forest"

Xylia was an infant when she was found in the forests of Athens, Greece. For

five years she was raised by a centaur, where she was given the name Xylia, meaning of the forest.

Around that age she would wander her village a lot, since everyone had a hand in her

raising, her surrogate father had no worries.. unfortunately for her, that was about

the time that she figured out how to shift. She would play with the local dogs,

barking and wrestling one day "pretending" she was one of them, when all of a

sudden, she'd turn into a white puppy, with blue crystal like eyes. One of the

villagers noticed this about her and decided she should be cast away. The fear of

what she might become had her shoved out of the only real home she would ever come to know.

Over the years she would fine tune her powers, shifting into anything she wanted,

whenever she wanted. She would find shelters by watching her fellow animals and

observing how they live. At one point she had joined a herd of wild horses. The

youngest of the horses was left behind one night during an unbearable storm. She

would eventually train this horse to ride and he would become her only permanent


Throughout her journeys she would eventually travel all of the mediterranean area and then some.

At one point she lived in China, for atleast 7 years she was under the instruction

of a female warrior. From the ages 17 to 24 she would learn different styles of

Chinese Martial Arts, and the last few years she was with her mentor she would

join her in her

battles. Of course all good things must come to an end and her

teacher was assassinated in her sleep. She set off to find the killer, took her

vengeance, and moved on.

At the age of 29, she barely looks over 19. Her shifting body often makes her wonder

who she is.. what she is.. why she was abandoned as a baby.. but her upbringing has

taught her never to expect to find the answer.. the answer will one day find her.

And so she'll never search.. only live as fulfilling a life as she can until her

answer one day approaches.