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Welcome to the Toreador Haven

A Kindred Elysium.

The Toreador Haven was originally opened fifteen years ago. Although advertised as a countryclub/nightclub for members only with rich Spanish theme, the main purpose was to have a club that was dedicated to being a safe haven for all kindred to come and enjoy the arts and music created by popular Toreador artists.

Once inside the doors of the restaurant/inn you immediately notice soft yellow lighting and the scent of roses permeating the room. Just ahead is the dining area, where a few round tables with white tablecloths sit surrounded by red wooden chairs and each with it's very own single rose in a solitary vase in the center. *candles upon request* To the right of the dining area is the bar, with solid white marble for the countertop, and stainless steel bar stools with red cushions. Behind the bar is a set of swinging doors that lead directly into the kitchen which is stock full of foods to satisfy any pallet! Far in front of you, behind the bar area there is a staircase that leads up to the six rooms that may be rented out for nights at a time, each room is equipped with a warm bed with red satin sheets, mahogony furniture, jacuzzi, shower and bathroom. However, one of the rooms belongs to the owner, Salma, so only five are vacant. On your way to the staircase you will notice a sitting area by the glass back doors, there are three soft and inviting couches surrounding a fireplace, this is the most frequented spot in the Haven. To the left of the dining area there is a large open dance floor equipped with lighting and even a disco ball. A DJ booth sits in the far right corner next to a small stage for bands, comedy acts and small skits. In the far left corner, there is a digital jukebox, filled with any and every song and even has a port so that you can upload your own from your digital device. Outside: Once you step outside the glass doors leading to the back, the smell of the roses becomes stronger, as you are now surrounded by many different colored rose bushes. Various statues sit around the garden, most of which are of bull fighters, to fit the "Toreador" theme. To your right, the cobblestone leads directly into a hot tub that could fit about ten people. Directly in front of you, the cobblestone leads directly into a large round pool surrounded by chairs and is lit up softly with candles at nighttime. Right next to the door is a station for towels, used and clean. The rose garden surrounds all of this, but there is a path that leads from the back of the pool into the forest.