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NaMe: SpyKe.. or SpyKiE :)

Clan: MaLKaViAN

Gen.: 13th

Sire: A keRazy laDy naAmeD..KaTe? *shrugs*

LoCaTioN: GrooVin in RhyDin

BirTHDaTe: 18 Yea'z Ol'

MariTaL StaTuS: SinGLe

HoBbiEs: RaViN..pLayiNg w/hair dYe & MaKeuP...and uh..StuFF.

OccuPaTioN: CaTcH mE at the RhyDiN VeGaN CaFe

OOC NOTE: The woman in the picture is Korean model Hye Soo Kim. This page is not ABOUT her, everything on this page is fictional.