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Beware! This is really long!

"Shye" was born Angelina Shyre in Maine, 1976. The actual day of her birth is unknown.

She was born to a wealthy couple, that despite

their cheery outward appearance, had some really

crazy mental problems.

Her "father" was sterile, so of course when

her mother had gotten pregnant, it was obvious

she had had an affair.

Angelina's "father" then beat the name of his wife's other man

out of her and soon the man was found dead.

Angelina's mothers pregnancy was kept a secret.

When it came time for her to be born, her "father"

delivered the baby, he thought an abortion would not have

been discrete enough...

So of course as you'd expect, Angelina was kept as a dirty secret

in her room upstairs.

She had one doll, a bed, a fireplace and a live-in nanny..

The nanny never left the house nor did she answer the phones.

Noone knew about he nanny either, the father was too worried

that the nanny would tell about Angelina.

Other than teaching, feeding and keeping Angelina clean,

the nanny never spoke or acted socially with her.

Angelina's life was like this until she was 10 years old.

Lucky her.. she was able to now sit and eat dinner with her parents.

Of course, dinner was also not a very social time.

99% of the time she was glared at by her "father" or

her parents would be fighting.

Her only comforts were her doll, her knowledge of the outside world

and the fireplace.

..but it only got worse from there..

When she turned 12 her mother died and her father

of course had noone left to take his frustrations out on

other than Angelina. So every night he would yell at her and

most likely end up beating her.

She would only sit and take it as she didn't know

what else to do.

but still every night she would sit up with her doll

by the fire for hours, just watching the flames..

Things changed when she was 14..

One night when she was combing her dolls hair, her father

stormed in her room and grabbed the doll from her.

He was raving mad as he had seen her try and peek out the window.

She cried and screamed her appologies as she reached for her doll.

He only ripped the dolls head off and threw it in the fire, using

the rest of the doll to slap her across the face with.

She lay on the floor, her nose bleeding as she watched

her only friends head melt in the flames..

She stayed there until the next day, still staring

at the ashes..

She was in a trance the entire day, but as soon as night

hit, she asked of her nanny to light the fire as she always did

and a few moments after she knew everyone had gone to bed,

she proceeded to light things in her room on fire,

starting with her chair,using her pillow to spread the fire.

This was of course after she had tied her sheets together to

make a quick escape through the barred windows she had

cleverly spent the past few months opening. She was planning

on just running away, but this was far

She grabbed her headless doll and climbed out her

window as her room began to catch.

She knew it would take quite awhile before her father

and the nanny would find out the rooms downstairs were burning.

So she watched her room finish off and as the fire began to spread

to the next rooms, she giggled and hummed as she strolled away from

the mansion.. not really knowing exactly where she was going.

The nanny had taught her how to drive using books.

(It was her "fathers" original plan to teach her all she needed to

know to live on her own, then abandon her when she was old enough.)

but the few things she never learned were how to treat other

people and well.. everything about money..

So when she realized she needed money, she stole it.

She stole enough to get her through day by day and she

always kept a lil' money on the side.. of course

with all this stealing, she'd also try and get as far

and far as possible from her "father".. so when she

had stolen enough for a car, she bought one. One person

she had met along the way(she tried to steal from her but didn't

succeed) was a woman named Salma.. Salma was Angelina's

(now going by "Shye") first real friend..and for that, she

was of course when Salma needed Shye's help, she

jumped at the chance.

Salma needed someone to keep an eye on her family and pets while

she went *away*..

During this quest, Shye met Salma's friend, Andin.. she almost

immediately fell for him. Pretty soon she also met some of

Andin and Salma's psycho friends.. and then even sooner

found out why they were so psycho when she was embraced

into their clan (Malkavians).

Now she goes by Angelina "Shye" Petra.. 6th gen Malkavian of

of the Petra Family.

Andin and her were together for a few months, but then he vanished.

She then fell for a delightfully delirious Malkavian, Deacon.

Deac and her were married for a year until she left him because he

was never around. In that time she also sired another Malkie, Blaise Petra.

Blaise, Deac, the Petra's and her were menaces to society, and

loving it. Shye is now a skilled pyromaniac, but everything

she does is filled with a childish but cute giddyness.

Pretty soon her family started moving around.. from RhyDin

to Verona.. from Verona to Newport..

Newport is where the family ended.. one by one the Petra's

dissappeared.. and Shye was the only one left..

This didn't stop her from being as happy and filled

as usual though. Though she was a loner, it made her happy

just to watch others burn in agony ever once in awhile..

but now Blaise is back, and they're moving to Boston and hoping

to expand the Petra's once again..


We'll see.