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Salma Orchid Damodred


Salma was born in Athens, Greece in 1760(which would make her.. 240).

She was embraced into the Toreador clan by a mysterious man named Miguel, in Mexico City, Mexico in the year 1779.(Which makes her eternally 19).

Her sire abandoned her 2 weeks later.

In 1997 Sam Damodred adopted her as his childe and taught her everything she needed to know (unless she knew it already..)

That year, the The Toreador Haven was established.

Salma's had plenty of experience in her long life and has seen high times and low times.

What she really wants is to keep her musical talents alive, fame doesn't mean much

as long as she's respected by the ones she loves and those among them.

She's had many childer, most of which disappeared mysteriously

The one she has now, Katrina, is much like herself.

Other than a musician, she also loves to paint and sculpt.

When she gets an image in her brain she must bring it to life. Either with clay or paint.

She can now be found looking for excitement in RhyDin, which is an everlasting battle, but hopefully she'll soon find a city (chronicle) where she'll feel more..

at home.