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Evita's Virtual Photo Album

Its been awhile since I updated this page also. I'll try to put the newer stuff towards the top, but check'm out, there's some strange stuff.. hehe

Halloween Show!

Redhanded playing Evita, Amanda and Mary's 2nd Halloween Show (2000)

Jamie as "Big Mama", enjoying the show! (Halloween 2000).

"Big Mama" doing her part as a stool for Amanda during the show (Halloween 2000).

Manda and Jamie. Sillyness.(Halloween '99)

Playing with the webcam

Jodie, 2 years old, with a big wig!

My Spicster - Mary.

Me in Marys silver wig.

Me and KristEn.

Val(Mandas sister) and Kristen(Snover).

Kristen Snover (in a wig)

Val, Kristen and Me!

Me and baby Jodie.


Me and Ryanne.

Baby Cinnamon Twix.. but you can call her "Puppy".

Puppy, what she looks like now!

Babies. Jodie baby and 2 rat babies!


Templeton, now 2 years old.

This is baby Jasper(Jazz).RIP

Jasper's Goodbye page.

Baby Joni!

Trixie and Pixie, dumbo rex babies.

Ahh High School (a few years ago)

Bonaia tormenting Stefani.

Me and Lauren in the Waffle House bathroom.

Kristen & Me a few years ago.

Kristen and her man,Joe, behind bars.

Band RoX!

I had to add this in. Go Ricky! Go!


Newark Night...'98?

Amanda and Lauren at Newark Nite.

Brandon Mullen at Newark Nite.

Erik Steeley at... Newark Nite!

Hangin out in the wee hours of the mornin'

Amanda, Lauren and Kristin lookin all sorts of serious.

KristIn and Amanda.

Lil' bro, Chris aka "Boy", at age 4. PUNK RAWK!

Boy - Age 6 - PUNK RAWK!