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Julianna Marie A. Laxton


Juli was born in Mexico City, Mexico on Valentines Day, 1979. For 12 years

she lived with her alcoholic father and neurotic mother. Her mother died in a car

accident when she was 11, leaving Juli in the hands of her abusive father.

Juli ran away from home with her best friend Rosa. Though she was returned soon

by the police. She lived with her father again until she heard of an aunt who lived in America.

She then ran away to live with her aunt, Salma Orchid Damodred whom she did not know was her

great, great, great, great, great, GREAT aunt.Soon after,she met and married

the love of her life, Darien Xavier. They have two children, twins, Samuel

Luis Xavier and Rini Emma Xavier. After the babies were born, she was embraced

into the Gangrel of Laxton

A few months after her children were born she developed a bad drinking habit.

and resulted in a year of battling alcoholism.

When the children were two years old, they were kidnapped by a man who nearly

starved them to death.. during this period, Darien had disappeared. Juli's new

sister, Star, helped her find the babies and save their lives, but then soon

afterward, she found that Darien had vanished. She was heartbroken and depressed and had gone back to drinking.

She felt she couldn't take care of the children anymore, and sent them to live

with Rosa, telling her she would visit as much as she could, but didn't want

to ruin her childrens lives.

Juli's been clean now for about 6 months, and though she's beginning to get back

on her feet, she thinks it would be best that the children stayed with Rosa

Relationship wise, Juli's terrified of being hurt again. Though she would love to find someone that could match her and Darien's love, she has yet to open up to anyone long enough to find out.

Appearance: Shes about 5'7, black hair w/purple streaks.

Big blue eyes

and the pictures say the rest.


Music: Punk/ska/Hard Rock

Movies: Action/Comedy/Horror

Hobbies: Skateboarding

Dog: Rottweiler named Cash, found in a junkyard while skating

rescued from an abusive owner.


Cash's temperament has changed a lot over the past year.

He used to attack everyone that came within 10 feet of him because he was afraid.

Though he's not fully recovered, he no longer attacks everyone and at times

lets his guard down, though only in the comfort of their own home.

Juli in wolf form.

Maxwell Murder by Rancid


This page is NOT about Angelina Jolie. This page is about my role play character and the pictures of Angelina Jolie are merely used as descriptions of my character.