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Calliope Venerack Rathal

I was born in the forests of Athens, Greece, stolen from my mother

at a few weeks old and sold to be raised as a slave, I escaped and

came to RhyDin at the age of four and was adopted by Steel Rathal

The Centaur Forest

In a cave where my mother and I lived after she found me

until she was murdered by bipeds..

It's nowhere near dark, cold or creepy.

Its actually very beautiful. Lit up by a small lake

that flows through it.

Im about 19..but immortal.


Short for a centaur, but still growing.

7'8, with a lean human and equine half. She has the coat of a pinto

is always clad in either a vest or soft halter top. Her eyes are

large and violet, her hair is but black, red and purple corkscrew curls

She has a soft appearance and a warm voice

her eyes are caring and innocent

She also has the gift of healing, passed down from her father

who was a mage centaur.

Her attitude is pleasant. She wishes for peace and strives to bring

the herds together.

She loves helping people and playing with children.

No matter what race they are.

None..but I wish to have some sometime.

Mm.. Chocolate ;)

Cranberry Juice!


I used to have a Basilisk, but he ran away.

Someone who I can feel comfortable with..

and isnt too hard on the eyes ::smirks::

::shrugs:: I've stolen before..but it was survival.

There aren't enough good Centstallions around!! ::smirk::

Biological Father: Treyus

A Mage Centaur. I don't know much about him..

Adopted by: Steel Rathal

War Centaur, The differences between papá

and I are thick, but we still get along pretty well :)

Him and his mother, Gold, have been my only

real family.

She was named after Athena..

A War Centaur, she was beautiful.. I didn't

know her long until she was killed.

Kyra - FirePetra - RIP

She was my half sister, by the same sire.

Steel also adopted her but she was also murdered

in an attempt to protect me..

Gold Kt Venerack

Jarok T Venerack

Steel Rathal

Havock Venerack

OOC Note:If you wish to join the Venerack family,

contact Gold Kt Venerack.

All gifs, minus flowerline.gif, are property of S.P ©1995-2000

Calliope is my online Role Play character.

I did not base her on anyone elses character or any creature

in mythology, etc. I created her in my mind and she is MY character

I'd like it to stay that way. (hint hint)